IP Encapsulator

IP Encapsulator MD5600

High performance, market-proven and reliable IP to TV gateway


IP Encapsulator (IPE) MD5600 is the gateway between IP and digital television networks (DVB, ASTC, ISDB etc.). It provides a reliable and cost-effective way to encapsulate IP packets into digital television transport stream packets (ts mpeg). It is a fundamental tool for providing various data services via TV networks.

IP Traffic manager - Maindata IP product

IP Traffic Manager

Efficient solution for your fair usage policy


Traffic volume management is a crucial tool for services where bandwidth costs are high, such as satellite internet services, mobile data etc. MAINDATA IP Traffic Manager provides efficient way to control user network usage in order to maximize profitability of your service and avoid overusing resources by few customers.

IP Traffic manager - Maindata IP product
Mediacast - graph


Distributing offline content via TV broadcast


MEDIACAST is a technology which enables transmitting of digital media such as video, audio, imagery or files to end users via television broadcast or IP multicast networks. This is also known as file or datacasting. The content is distributed via existing TV broadcast, which makes it available everywhere, even where no other internet network is available (e.g. rural areas).



Distance education solution via TV broadcast for areas with limited or no internet access


SMART EDU is an e-learning platform which can use either satellite or digital terrestrial TV broadcast. Therefore, it can be provided anywhere on earth, even in places without internet access. It is a complete solution which consists of hardware components and a user-friendly software application. It enables educators to reach their students with either live or recorded content.


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