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Targeted Ad Replacement

Our solution Targeted Ad Replacement is a Server Side Ad Insertion. Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) is a way of replacing ads in video stream without interrupting the viewing experience. SSAI works by seamlessly integrating ads into the stream on the server level, which makes them invisible to ad blockers. This also makes the ads look like part of the video and avoids buffering or skipping issues. On top of that SSAI allows for dynamic ad insertion (DAI), which means the ads can be targeted based on the viewer’s information. SSAI is mostly used for unicast online video platforms, such as OTT.

Dynamic-Targeted-Ad-Replacement - Diagram

Key features


Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution


Replace ads instantly and smoothly for your viewers


Deliver a broadcast-quality experience with no gaps between ads and content


Bypass ad-blockers and reach more audiences


Support any device, even the old ones


Insert ads into any type of video: live, on-demand, replay, recorded and more

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