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Parallel satellite broadcast to homes and TV transmitters

Parallel satellite broadcast to DTH and DTT- diagram

Our solution „SFN Boost DTH“ enables transmitting satellite TV signal simultaneously to Terrestrial TV transmitters and also to satellite home users. This is not possible using ordinary solutions, when broadcasters must pay for satellite capacity when transmitting signal to TV transmitters and second time when transmitting signal to satellite home users. This approach is also useful for boosting TV coverage to remote and low populated regions, where terrestrial TV infrastructure is too expensive to build. Currently, terrestrial TV does not cover an entire country. But with SFN Boost DTH covering an entire country is possible at no additional costs for TV broadcasters.


Key features


Single satellite transmission to both terrestrial TV transmitters and satellite home users


Extends TV availability to areas with low terrestrial TV coverage


100% satellite cost savings for satellite broadcast to home users


Complete nationwide TV services coverage

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