Online video vs. linear TV: what we learned at the Media Trends 2023 conference

Event Report | April 25, 2023

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the Media Trends 2023 conference by TREND, a unique event that offered a new perspective on the major changes in the media market related to digital transformation. The conference was held on April 18, 2023 at Ponton in Bratislava and featured renowned experts from both domestic and foreign scenes.

MAINDATA highlights from Media Trends 2023 Conference by TREND

Some of the key highlights from the conference were:

  • Advertisement spend into online video will be equal to ad spend into linear TV for the first time this year. This is a significant milestone that reflects the growing popularity and effectiveness of online video as a medium for reaching and engaging audiences.
  • Even though the share of ad spend into online video in Slovakia is only 18%, the trend of increasing this share is also evident in our country. The gap between the most developed markets and Slovakia is estimated to be 7-10 years. This means that there is still a lot of potential and room for growth for online video in our market.
  • Video on mobile devices is also starting to have a large share. More and more consumers are watching video content on their smartphones and tablets, which creates new opportunities and challenges for advertisers and media owners. How to optimize video content for different devices, platforms and formats was one of the topics discussed at the conference.

We also learned about the future of cross-media measurement, the digital transformation of media beyond Slovakia, how the largest Slovak media create content, how to plan audiovisual-spot advertising in the digital age, and much more.

We would like to thank TREND konferencie for organizing this informative and inspiring event and we look forward to attending more conferences like this in the future.


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