MAINDATA CEO Dusan Statelov to collaborate with Eutelsat on proposed session at DVB World Unconference

Event | March 19, 2024

MAINDATA’s CEO, Dusan Statelov, is set to attend the DVB World in Munich on March 19-20, an “unconference” with a blend of keynotes, technology updates, and collaborative discussions on the future of media delivery. This year, he has proposed a collaborative session, teaming up with Ralph Edeine from Eutelsat to delve into the challenges and opportunities in DVB-SIS Verification & Validation (V&V).

MAINDATA at DVB World 2024

Last year’s DVB World Unconference sparked a pivotal initiative, with Eutelsat stepping up to address the previously unfulfilled V&V requirements. The ongoing collaboration now includes industry leaders such as TDF, Towercast, Enensys, and MAINDATA. This marks the first instance since the adoption of the standard where compliance with CSG and DSA from different manufacturers has been achieved.

The upcoming session aims to further enhance the DVB-SIS standard by proposing that the DVB working groups on satellite take over the work, a suggestion put forth by Eutelsat and the European Space Agency (ESA). The session will also focus on rectifying errors and improving the readability of the standard, as well as developing comprehensive implementation guidelines.

A significant point of discussion will be the creation of an official DVB web page to showcase solutions that have successfully passed V&V testing, akin to the existing DVB-I directory. This initiative is expected to bring greater transparency and standardization to the industry, fostering an environment of trust and reliability.

We warmly invite you to join us for the session. This is a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts and contribute to the advancement of the DVB-SIS standard. Your insights and participation are invaluable to us, and we look forward to seeing you there.


MAINDATA develops innovative products and solutions in the field of TV broadcast and satellite internet. By optimizing TV signal delivery, MAINDATA’s solutions open new revenue streams for TV broadcasters. Established in 1996, MAINDATA attracted worldwide customer base including Eurovision, World Bank, Sony, Tata and others.


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