Dynamic broadcast

Our innovative solution “Dynamic Broadcast” introduces a better way of handling TV interruptions due to weather factors. When transmitting a signal throughout a year, signal strength and capacity are dynamically adjusted according to current weather conditions. On one hand, Dynamic Broadcast improves TV signal availability (by tenfold) in bad weather conditions thanks to the dynamic adjustments of the strength of TV signal. On the other hand, Dynamic Broadcast provides 30 – 80 % additional capacity (Mbps) out of the same frequency band (MHz), whether satellite or terrestrial, and thus opens new revenue streams for TV broadcasters.

We deploy Dynamic Broadcast platform free of charge to TV broadcasters in return for a fraction of profits achieved by the additional capacity and availability.

MAINDATA - Dynamic Broadcast

Key features


Unlocks new revenue streams


More than 60% additional broadcast capacity with no additional costs


Reduces signal interruptions for premium content


Dynamic adjustments of signal strength and capacity

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