DVB Scene published our article: “Optimizing satellite signal delivery based on DVB-SIS”

News | September 27, 2023

We are delighted to announce that our article “Optimizing satellite signal delivery based on DVB-SIS” has been published in the latest issue of DVB Scene, the official magazine of the DVB Project. In this article, we discuss how the DVB-SIS standard and our innovative solution SFN Boost can provide efficient and flexible solutions for Single Frequency Networks (SFNs).

DVB Scene published our article on “Optimizing satellite signal delivery based on DVB-SIS”

Here is a short summary of the article:

The article explores Single Frequency Networks (SFNs) and how the DVB-SIS standard was created to address challenges linked to them by developing a method to transmit single satellite signal simultaneously to homes (DTH) and terrestrial receivers (DTT) as well as to insert regional content. The standard, DVB-SIS, enables capacity savings of up to 95%.

Building on this standard, we developed a solution SFN Boost which extends DVB-SIS capabilities and gives broadcasters additional configuration options, such as the possibility to insert regional ads.

In comparison to DVB-SIS which is built on a distributed architecture where the signals are generated at TV transmitter side, SFN Boost gives the option to use a centralized architecture where the signals are generated at the head-end.
This brings several benefits, such as:

  • No dependence on GPS synchronization, which meets a government requirement for critical infrastructure independence.
  • More flexibility and redundancy in choosing any distribution path.
  • Plug and play installation of adapters into existing DVB-T2 installations

In conclusion, DVB-SIS is a great standard that provides single beam transmission to DTH and DTT and enables regionalization. Building on the standard, SFN Boost can provide regional advertisements and other valuable features that make it a comprehensive solution for SFNs.

We invite you to read our article in DVB Scene here to learn more about our innovative technology.


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