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OPTISAT S2 receiver
professional DVB-S2/S satellite receiver

optisatCombination of DVB-S2 satellite front-end with DVB-ASI and GbE IP outputs makes OPTISAT a perfect solution for multiple professional applications such as signal distribution direct-to-transmitter DVB-T, DVB-H, CATV, IPTV head-ends feeds etc. Dual tuner supports reception of 2 satellite carriers in parallel by a single receiver. Flexible architecture, with sophisticated TS processing allows easy integration of enhanced functions like transparent TS decryption, regional add insertion, regional TV distribution (OPTIMUX) etc.

optisatFlash IDE module (for loading Linux firmware), industrial grade 4 GB, assures long MTBF (no moving HDD is used). LCD front panel combined with control buttons allows easy on-site configuration and monitoring. IP settings are allowed to be configured only via front panel buttons in order to avoid lost of IPconnectivity. Remote control is available via WEB2 interface as well as via SNMP. OPTISAT remote firmware upgrade via the satellite (optional) make operator's life easier. Operator can upgrade firmware of all receivers without physical presence, reducing logistics costs and enhancing flexibility of the network.

DVB-S2 brings service operators 30 % bandwidth savings comparing to DVB-S thanks to LDPC/BCH FEC codes. Further bandwidth savings up to 70 % can be achieved using ACM with return channel in case ofSatellite Internet. DVB-ASI output allows to connect OPTISAT S2 receiver to modulators, multiplexers, transcoders etc. Multistream support with input stream synchronization (ISSY) and optional inputs for external GPS clock (1pps, 10 MHz) improves OPTISAT capabilities for direct-to-transmitter signal distribution in SFN networks.

OPTISAT Architecture:
optisat diagram
  • Signal distribution to DVB-T, DVB-H TV transmitters
  • Signal distribution to IPTV head-ends (e.g. hotels)
  • Digital signage with lP multicastsupport
  • Satellite Internet
  • Datacasting - file multicast