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IP Encapsulator

MD IPE serves for Internet and Data services provisioning within or over the digital TV networks.

Key features:

  • Input IP, or other data (GbE, RS232)
  • Ouput MPEG TS (DVB-ASI or IP) & PSI/SI tables generation
  • MPE, GSE, PES data encapsulation
  • Multicast & Unicast
  • 64.000 IP routes per PID
  • 2 layer QoS system - 
    • efficient bandwidth use with dynamic multiplexing (CIR, PIR, priority)
    • Virtual Network Operators support
  • 150 Mbps data traffic
  • Redundancy support via Cluster technology & VRRP support
  • Embedded OS


IPE encapsulates IP packets and other data (e.g. RDS) into Digital TV Transport Stream, using MPE, GSE and PES encapsulation (EN 301 192).

IPE outputs Transport Stream (ISO 13818-1) via DVB-ASI interface (EN 300 468). It is possible to configure 64.000 channels inside one PID. 

IPE generates PSI/SI tables PAT, PMT, SDT tables, required for identifying data services inside DVB & ATSC TS Stream.

IPE supports multilayer QoS, allowing define Minimum (CIR), Maximum (PIR) bandwidth and priority per channel. Unused CIR bandwidth of inactive channels are dynamically realocated to channels in use based at priority.

Built-in multiplexor re-allocates bandwidth to all IP Routes and channels in real-time. It provides optimized system for bandwidth usage optimization where unused CIR is reallocated to other channels based on priorities. This provides significant bandwidth savings. 

Advanced IPE version Remultiplexes incoming TS stream via DVB-ASI in, allowing replacement of null packets by data.

MD IPE integrates handshaking mechanism with Mediacast Server, allowing service provider to operate these services over unused capacity by real-time e.g. TV services.  (in this case Mediacast services are assigned with lowest priority).

MD IPE has integrated NAT allowing Network address translation without the need of external equipment.

MD IPE generates statistics of IP routes / channels usage, and per end-users to Statistics & Billing System.

In conjunction with other MD products allows provisioning of internet HYBRID-NET, 1-way file multicast MEDIACAST, 1-way e-mails delivery Push-mail, distance education SMART EDU etc. It can be used in satellite, cable or terrestrial networks.

Normally IPE has to be accompanied with either Proxy or VPN mechanism for 2-way services (combine forward DVB link with e.g. dial-up return link). MD IPE integrates HYBRID-NET GW - which enables combination of various return links (dial-up, GPRS, VSAT etc.) with the broadband DVB forward link. 


Technical specifications:

  • Output formats: Transport Stream as defined by ISO 13818-1, 188 byte TS packets, Null packet generation
  • PSI/SI tables: PAT, PMT, SDT tables and PCR
  • El. interface: DVB-ASI (BNC), DVB Compliant with ETS 300 468, 270 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 1,5 Rack Unit RU 19" rack mount
    height 65 mm ~ 1,5 RU, width 435 mm
    depth 407 mm, 430 mm (+ears),450 mm (+connectors)
    weight netto: 3,8 kg, RoHS, Lead free
    weight brutto: 5,1 kg
    packaging: 145 x 490 x 505 mm
  • Operating Temperature 0~50°C
  • Operating Humidity 10% ~ 90%

Optional features:

  • TS out bitrate: 40 Mbps, 60 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps
  • Bandwidth saving: Data Flow Control to BFTP Server, PUSH Server, TCP/IP Accelerator