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BNMS (IPE manager)

Key features:

Manages and configures MD Platform and its different components such as MD IPE, BFTP+ Server, PUSH e-mail, PUSH FTP, Download Center, SMART EDU and multiplexing of these services.

Provides WEB interface for Administrator and multiple Service Providers.

Allocate resources by Administrator to Providers like bandwidth and QoS (guaranteed bandwidth (CIR), priority), IP addresses, optionally Subscribers SW licenses (in conjunction with License Server).

Allows Administrator to create Providers and define set of services available to each Provider e.g. Internet (unicast), IP multicast, BFTP (File Multicast), SMART EDU etc.

Allows Providers directly manage allocated resources, create Subscribers and allocate network resources to Subscribers. Defines access and quality of services provided to Subscribers.

Controls MD Platform settings consistency ­ not over specifying bandwidth, use unique IP addresses, use allowed PIDs only etc.

BNMS Administrators views
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