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Eurovision selects MAINDATA IP Encapsulators for its global data broadcasting needs. 


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MAINDATA provides Eurovision operated by EBU based in Switzerland with its IP Encapsulators. 

8 IP Encapuslators and 2 BNMS are installed into 2 intependent headends for reliable site to site redundancy in September 2018.

MAINDATA IP Encapsulators are used for Eurovision data broadcasting into 4 world regions. 

MAINDATA IP Encpasulators consist of IPE, BNMS (Broadcast network management system which is sometime called "IPE Manager") and Java based Remote monitoring client (RMC), offering real time traffic monitoring of multiple IP clusters.

MAINDATA IP Encapsulators offer buffer size adjustment individual per each channel, what allows to handle peak traffic of very bursty data streams.

MAINDATA IP Encapsulators have integrated 2 layer Quality of Service (QoS) setting with ability of direct service (bandwidth) provisioning to end users by resellers within their own part of allocated bandwdith, IP ranges and PIDs.

September 18, 2018