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MEDIACAST integrated into DVB-T2 STB



MAINDATA announces MEDIACAST integration into DVB-T2 STB allowing straightforward commercial deployments. It is now possible to order complete demo setup covering entire TV chain from head-end consisting of MEDIACAST Server & IPE up to the STB.

STB is based on ST Linux and Ekioh browser supporting vector graphics (SVG), 7108 sh4 processor, 512 MB RAM, internal HDD, SDD or external USB, 4 x LAN port with built in switch, HDMI and SCART output.

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MEDIACAST STB client supports:

  • Simple control off all functions via the remote control & SW keyboard.
  • Optional control via a standard PC USB keyboard.
  • Easy navigation among saved movies inside STB categorized into MEDIACAST channels.
  • Watching selected movies by single button press.
  • Integrated HD video player with all playback functions.
  • Displaying transmission progress  on-the-fly (when set).
  • Full text search of stored movies (names and meta info).
  • Settings to e.g. select storage medium, view style etc.
  • Controlling MEDIACAST service from PC via web interface





MEDIACAST allows PUSH VOD - delivery of digital data and media, such as video, music and photos using existing TV broadcast channels.
This adds new features to available infrastructure, leading to quick monetization.

 Imagine the possibilities:

  • Delivery of high definition video to an area with poor or no internet connection.
  • One transmission to hundreds thousands users via a single connection.
  • High quality playback without interruptions caused by unstable IP links throughput.


You can serve rural areas, where digital cable or optical fiber is not available. With the MEDIACAST technology from MAINDATA, you can tap into the existing terrestrial broadcast infrastructure to transmit huge data utilizing free capacity.

MEDIACAST opens up push VOD, and other data intense services, to be available even at most remote locations and even on the move.