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MAINDATA CEO present at 10th CERD conference

"Mobile TV in LTE networks - eMBMS"


The 10th Central European Radiocommunication Days (CERD) was the event that attracted visitors and speakers from all fields of telecommunication industry, from mobile operators, via broadcasters, research and regulatory body. This event hosted experts from several European countries to meet and share their own experiences and knowledge. Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, was the scenery where VKC Intenziva s.r.o. was hosting a one day conference March 20,2014 filled with a series of interesting topics.

The topics of the conference were very diverse. Interesting topics such as “Broadcasting reach out and Spectrum in the Future” and “4G/LTE development / mobile broadband”, "Dynamic spectrum allocation" were treated and discussed.

MAINDATA CEO, Mr. Dusan Statelov presented the view at Mobile TV in LTE networks - eMBMS and factors of eMBMS success or failure. He summarized history of Mobile TV standards over past 10 years and listed some of the critical factors which led to the failure of majority of Mobile TV standards.

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