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MAINDATA, s.r.o. has successfully installed
HYBRID-NET for KATELCO - major Satellite provider in Kazakhstan.



MAINDATA a pioneer in DVB DATA and Distance Education technologies signed contract with Katelco the leading satellite company in Kazakhstan for delivery of complex set of MAINDATA's DVB Data solutions. Contract was closed in May after wide tender and installation took place the last week of June. Main Data successfully installed system in Almaty comprising from IPE, Hybrid-Net, BNMS (CAS), PUSH e-mail, PUSH FTP, Download Center. System use dial-up, dedicated line as well as Katelco's VSAT return path.

System was successfully presented to Ministry of Education for a project "Satellite channel of Distance Education" as a part of new Presidents initiative for mass ICT implementation into education in Kazakhstan. MAINDATA system will provide broadband
asymmetric internet, reliable file multicast, push ftp, push e-mail, download center services to schools as well as corporate clients. Kazakhstan as the worlds largest continental country (equal to territory of 12 EU states) and 16 million populations and 8000 schools from which 4000 are in rural areas, will overcome distance and isolation problems by a satellite communication.

MAINDATA is leading DVB DATA and Distance Education Technologies provider, with a worldwide customer base, ranging from USA (World Bank),
Indonesia, Taiwan, China to Kazakhstan. MAINDATA is running SMART_EDU project for a Distance Education as principal contractor with 5 other partners co-financed by the EU commission Leonardo Da Vinci program.

Katelco: JSC "Kazakhstan Telecommunications" (KATELCO) is the leading satellite operator providing Digital TV Broadcast, VSAT and Broadband asymmetric IP services in the Republic of Kazakhstan based in Almaty. As the satellite segment Katelco utilizes Intelsat-904 satellite allowing DTH services with dish size from 60 cm. Katelco has  experience in the EUs projects implementation in IST, DENEMA project and TeleInVivo project in the 5th Framework Program.