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MAINDATA deploys DVB-S2 ACM IPE into DVB RCS platform

MAINDATA is proud to announce the integration of its DVB-S2 ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) IP encapsulator into the Nano-Tronix DVB-RCS VSAT platform which is now being deployed for critical South Korean governmental network operations. The IPE contains an ACM controller which is interfacing RCS terminals at one side and passing ACM signalization to the Modulator at the other end.

The MAINDATA ACM IPE performs precise NCR (Network clock reference) calculations during the variable modulation and coding environment, thus resulting into variable bitrates, but with constant symbol rates (Baud Rates) as well as PCR restamping. The MAINDATA ACM controller fully integrates dynamic MODCOD signaling to the DVB-S2 modulator.


Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)

ACM allows for a dynamic change in modulation and code rate in response to changing weather and other satellite link conditions (rain fade, tracking defaults etc)
– ACM Converts the link margin calculations into an increased and optimized data throughput capacity – an average throughput gain of 100% (or more) is easily possible, compared to traditional CCM (Constant Coding & Modulation)
Most of the year, the link operates at significantly increased maximum throughput.
For the worst few hours of the year, the link may be available with lower throughput.
– ACM optimizes channel coding and modulation on a frame-by-frame basis.
– ACM allows each remote site to operate optimally subject to antenna size, location within the footprint, rain fade and other impairments.
ACM adopts throughput under various conditions:
– Rain fade – Inclined orbit satellite operation – Antenna pointing error – System Noise – Interference etc.

to produce Baseband IP and Broadcast baseband products for use within the various satellite and terrestrial applications.

Since then, MAINDATA has been growing to become a market reference and employs a team of highly qualified personnel for both engineering and in-house manufacturing.

As a technology company, MAINDATA wants to be the reference in DVB-T(2) with it’s enhanced and patented SFN signal distribution, known as the OPTIMUX. Besides this, MAINDATA is also well-known for its IP-over-satellite applications and is constantly investing in research and development. This is achieved by having a close relationship with its main customers and the market evolution in general in order to develop the right products at the right time.

Due to its size, MAINDATA has the advantage of combining product flexibility and fast response to the market, while personal and dedicated attention to every customer is one of its main values.

Feel free to contact us for any of the above product applications. Even if you would think we are not having this in our offerings..